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  • General News

    1. Announcement by the Royal Thai Consulate General, Chennai (24/09/2019)
      • The Royal Thai Consulate-General in Chennai wishes to inform all applicants and travel agents that the Visa Department of the Royal Thai Consulate-General will be closed on 24 September 2019 due to a system reboot and upgrade.

        In this connection, the Royal Thai Consulate-General has further the honour to inform that the visa application submitted from 25 September 2019 to 28 September 2019 will commence processing from 30 September 2019.
    2. Announcement on Visa documents by the Royal Thai Consulate General, Mumbai (24/07/2019)
      • The Consulate will not accept scanned documents, only Original documents are require to be attached along with the application
      • If applicant's account is credited with enormous amount before applying for Thai visa then, we require company letter for an employment in the organisation
    3. Important notice from Royal Thai-Consulate General Kolkata. (DD/MM/YYYY)
    4. The Royal Thai Embassy Visa and Consular Section will be closed from 23 to 26 January 2018. (DD/MM/YYYY)
      Therefore the submission and collection schedule is as follows:
      Date of Submission of
      Tourist Application
      Date of collection
      from Embassy
      18-Jan-18 22-Jan-18
      19-Jan-18 23-Jan-18
      22-Jan-18 29-Jan-18
      23-Jan-18 23-Jan-18
      Date of Submission of
      Non Immigrant Applications
      18-Jan-18 22-Jan-18
      19-Jan-18 23-Jan-18
      22-Jan-18 29-Jan-18
      23-Jan-18 23-Jan-18
    5. CKGS Thai Visa Application and Information Center in New Delhi will be closed. Please find the details as follows: (DD/MM/YYYY)
      Date Date Building open/closed VAC operations
      22-Jan-18 Monday

      The building will be sealed at 12:30pm due to Republic Day dress rehearsal security arrangements.

      Thai Applications will be accepted from 08:00am to 11:30am

      23-Jan-18 Tuesday

      The building will be opened at 1:00pm

      Thai Applications will NOT be accepted.
      Inauguration of Morocco VAC at 04:30pm

      24-Jan-18 Wednesday

      The building will be opened  the whole day

      Will accept Thai and Morocco visa applications the whole day

      25-Jan-18 Thursday

      The building will be sealed at 12:30pmdue to Republic Day security arrangements.

      Will accept Thai and Morocco visa applications the whole day

      26-Jan-18 Friday

      Building closed for Republic Day celebrations

      No application will be accepted

    6. Change of Address for CKGS Thai Visa Application and Information Center, New Delhi. (DD/MM/YYYY)

      CKGS Thai Visa Application and Information Center, New Delhi is moving to the following address w.e.f January 8,2018.

      CKGS Thai Visa Application and Information Center,New Delhi
      703, 7th floor
      New Delhi house
      Barakhamba Road
      Near Connaught Place
      New Delhi - 0
      Phone - 011-41147600

    7. Announcement by The Royal Thai Embassy, New Delhi: Collection time for Non-Immigrant Visa. (DD/MM/YYYY)

      The Embassy would like to inform that, due to the increasing number of visa applications, the process for non-immigration visa application will, from now onwards, takes 3.5 working days. It means that all the Thai visa applications the Embassy received on Monday late afternoon will be returned on Thursday morning. (Literally speaking, it still takes only 3 working days, since the Embassy receives visa applications in late afternoon already).

      The new timetable will come into effect from Wednesday 3 January 2018, meaning those who submit a non-immigration visa application on Monday will receive the passport back on Monday 8 January 2018. The staff can collect non-immigration visa category along with tourist and transit category in the morning. The afternoon session at the Embassy will only be for the delivery of passports. The decision of Embassy on this is final.

    8. Announcement: Acceptance of Handwritten Passports

      Please note that the CKGS Visa Application and Information Center recommends that the applicants must apply for a visa using a machine readable passport. The CKGS Visa Application and Information Centrer will accept handwritten passports for processing visa application only if the passenger provides an indemnity acknowledging that the CKGS Visa Application and Information Centre and any of its representatives will not be liable for non issuance of boarding pass, offloading and deportation by the authorities.

      Please note that such indemnity needs to be signed in person by the applicant at the CKGS Visa Application and Information Center.

    9. Announcement: Thailand Tourist Single Entry Visa Fee

      Kindly note that the implementation of the temporary Thailand Single Entry Tourist Visa fee exemption will end on 31st Aug 2017. Effective from 1st Sep 2017 applicants will have to pay a visa fee amounting to INR 2000.00 while applying for a Thailand Single Entry Tourist Visa. Please click here to access the notification.

    10. Announcement: Scheduling appointment for submission of Thailand Visa Applications

      On account of the increase in the number of visa applications, The Royal Thai Consulate, Mumbai has directed the CKGS Visa Application and Information Center to accept application only if an appointment is booked online for the period 29th August 2017 to 8th September 2017.

      We request all applicants and travel agency’s to kindly schedule an appointment online on our website Please note that it is mandatory for applicants and travel agency to carry a copy of the appointment letter while submitting the application.

    11. Requisites to Obtain a Pre-Approval for an Incentive Group
      Please note that for the pre-approval of an Incentive Group the company sponsoring the travel has to provide a letter which should list the following:
      • The letter needs to be on the original company letter head listing the contact details of the company i.e. address, phone number, website etc (scanned or colour printed copies will not be accepted).
      • The company’s profile along with the annual turnover.
      • The travel date, duration of stay along with the total number of applicants and the breakup of the jurisdiction to which the passports belong.
      • Cost including the return airline tickets, hotel stay, meals and all other expenses will be borne by the company.
      • A guarantee that all applicants will return to India and will not overstay in Thailand.
      • Every individual will be made aware about the itinerary of the trip and will carry either 700 USD or 20,000 Thai Baht at the time of Immigration, if the funds are insufficient or the travel details cannot be provided then the immigration has the right to deport them and The Royal Thai Consulate General, Mumbai will not be responsible for any deportation.
      • The details of the agency who has been assigned the responsibility to organise the travel arrangements.
      • The letter has to be acknowledged by the signatory and should be embossed with the company’s stamp.
      • The signatory’s designation, contact number and email id needs to be listed.
      • A numbered list of passengers name, passport numbers and place of issue.
      • Last three months of company’s bank statement.
      Also the below documents need to be provided:
      • Covering letter along with the passengers list from travel agency stating they are organising the whole tour.
      • Original Copy of Hotel confirmation mentioning check-in , check-out dates and also number of rooms been booked with confirmation code.
      • Group Ticket booking can be provided on the letter head of the airline with Name list and PNR.

      Please note that it may take two working days to obtain a pre-approval for an Incentive group. The group applications can be submitted at the Visa Application Centre from the next working day once an approval is granted by The Royal Thai Consulate General, Mumbai.

      • A copy of pre approved documents highlighting the individual passengers name, passport number, date of travel need to be attached with every application during submission.

      Outstation passports are accepted for an incentive tour if an approval is provided by the Consulate; however note that the sponsoring company should be located in Western India Jurisdiction.